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"At KFI, you will never hear us say ‘that’s against company policy’, our policy is to take care of the customer." - Chris Smith, President

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KFI was founded on the value proposition of shipping chairs quicker than anyone else in the industry. Today, we still keep that commitment with over 750 skus shipping in 3 days or less and the list is growing!


Customer service is not just a claim-it’s part of our culture. We strive to make the process of doing business with us as comfortable as our chairs.


Our designs range from traditional, transitional to contemporary to help create beautiful spaces for any work environment. Upholstery options are endless, with grade in programs from leading textile companies, including, Mayer, Momentum, CF Stinson, Guilford of Maine, Culp and Spradling. KFI also accommodates COM (Customer Own Material) requests.


Our products may change often but our philosophy does not. First and foremost, we are a customer focused organization. Everything we do is based on improving the customer experience. We are constantly listening to your needs and adapting to the changing market conditions to achieve a better overall experience. We make sure our systems, processes and people create value for you and don’t hinder it. We pledge to you our commitment to improving, innovating and strengthening our entire operation with your satisfaction in mind. But it’s not all about making a profit….

KFI is located in an underutilized business district in Louisville, KY - an often neglected part of our city. So together we use our Time, Talents and Treasure helping others in our community. Whether it’s getting our hands dirty planting trees, supporting local charities or helping build a Habitat house, we collectively use the talents each of us has been giving to get involved - both socially and financially to help those who need it most.

Yes, we want your business. Yes, we want to be a profitable company, but not at the expense of others. At the end of day, we want to leave a legacy much greater than a successful business. A legacy where we have had a positive impact on our employees, their families, our community and the environment. It’s not just a philosophy…it’s our obligation.


At KFI every employee shares one simple goal: Create value for everyone around you. While simplistic in message, it is the foundation which drives everything we do. It can be as simple as helping a co-worker or as important as developing trusting relationships with customers, suppliers and distributors to maximize everyone’s profitability. With this common goal, everyone’s interest and values align with the structure and mission of the company, bringing clarity and greater purpose to our work. Which, in turn, creates better outcomes in everything we do.

So we foster a culture where everyone has a voice and that voice is heard. We empower everyone to think like an owner. To not be afraid to make a mistake. When a mistake happens, own it and learn from it…this often leads to success. We encourage employees to challenge their supervisors in a respectful way…and ask our supervisors to have humility and listen!

We strive for everyone in our organization to:

  • Have Integrity
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Forward Thinking
  • Be Curious
  • Have Passion
  • Have Humility
  • Feel Appreciated
  • Be Listened to
  • Be Challenged
  • Be Held Accountable
  • Have A Lot of Fun!

Is it perfect? No. Do we make mistakes? Yes. Yet our culture guides our people and our people create value for everyone around them.

On behalf of our entire staff and their families, we thank you for your support and your business.

Louisville Mural at KFI Furniture

When we decided to add a mural to a portion of our building an idea was presented to us that was absolutely perfect. Not only does it embrace our community, it reflects our values as best stated by Abraham Lincoln, "Whatever you are, be a good one."

Local artist, Jeremy Lewis came to us with an idea. "We had a friend and fellow artist who passed away last year in a pretty tragic accident. He is from Louisville, born and raised. Johnathon Brown, he wrote the word "2BUCK". John was a prolific graffiti writer across the whole nation, and really wanted to make the graffiti culture stronger in Louisville. He got hit by a car while painting in Puerto Rico a year ago." stated, Jeremy. "I would love to have your permission to include John, and incorporate him into this mural... it would be very special to us to be able to do something in honor of him."

In today’s fast paced environment, customers expect flawless engagements from ordering to shipping. We do our best to exceed these expectations by providing great, innovative products with exceptional customer service.

- Keith Miller, Operations Manager

As a plant manager at KFI, I take pride in leading a team that commits to quality….  The favorite part of my job is constantly improving efficiencies in everything we do and working on fresh new innovations and ideas to create the best product offering for our customer.  It is a pleasure to provide quality products in a fast paced environment, while providing top rate customer service.

- Eric Lentz, Plant Manager

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